Vehicle Stats

Enable your users to make smart decisions about buying or servicing a vehicle. Our suite of Vehicle Stats offers extremely versatile data on passenger vehicles of all types, including more than 100 fields on vehicle makes and models from 2010-2017. Data includes cost of ownership, fuel costs and performance, pollution statistics, and much more — including extensive information on specific make/model elements like transmission, engine displacement, and drive system.

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API Details

Vehicle Stats APIs can be invaluable when helping users to make decisions about purchasing a vehicle. Data returned includes:

  • Five-year cost-of-ownership savings
  • Estimated annual and five-year fuel costs
  • Fuel performance and CO2 production

Additionally, Vehicle Stats can provide a wide range of data on vehicle specifications — particularly useful for parts and repair applications:

  • Parts data including transmission, drive system, engine displacement, and more
  • Filter by year, make, and model
  • Filter by most common vehicle data elements, or return full data


API Documentation

Click any of the items below to see resource URLs, query parameters and responses, code examples, and try them out for yourself.



Fuel Usage

Request data based on fuel performance by vehicle manufacturer. Query by manufacturer (make) or vehicle type to see the most fuel-efficient conventional motor vehicles.


Vehicle Specs By Make, Model, Year

Request extensive data on a specific vehicle, including transmission, engine displacement, drive system, etc. Filter by year, make and model and request partial (12 most common elements) or full (more than 140 elements) data. Data is limited to 100 results.


Best or Worst Vehicles for Five-Year Costs

Request data on 10 best or 10 worst vehicles for money spent over five years on fuel.


Best or Worst Vehicles for Annual Fuel Costs

Request vehicles based on the least expensive or most expensive estimated fuel costs.


Best or Worst Vehicles for Pollution

Request data on the vehicles that have the best/worst fuel economy and produce the least/most combined CO2.


Best or Worst Vehicles for Five-Year Savings

Request data on 10 best or 10 worst vehicles for five-year cost-of-ownership savings.