Total Home Score

Buying or renting a new home is a high-stakes decision. Empower your users to avoid livability surprises like noise disturbances, aggressive traffic, or a lack of errand or entertainment options with Total Home Score's address-level livability estimates.

Users looking for "alpha" on the financial side of real estate can explore Total Home Score's ability to provide highly granular geo-spatial context. Going from zip code-level estimation to address-level estimation is like swapping a magnifying glass for a microscope.

Licensing agreements that allow for storage and usage of Total Home Score data in derivative works are available.

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API Details

Total Home Score estimates five important livability dimensions:

  • Quiet Score: The extent to which a home will be quiet and peaceful, taking into account busy roads, public transit, and train/subway routes. A higher score is quieter.
  • Road Safety Score: The overall feeling of safety for roads surrounding a home, based on auto telematics data measuring speeding and aggressive driving. A higher score is safer.
  • Errand Score: A measure of a home's proximity to common errand locations like grocery stores, gas stations, dry cleaners and more. A higher score indicates greater convenience.
  • Entertainment Score: A measure of a home's proximity to common entertainment venues like restaurants/bars, movie theaters, recreational sports facilities, and more. A higher score indicates greater convenience.
  • Traffic Score: The extent to which a home is affected by traffic congestion on nearby roads during rush hour. A higher score indicates less congestion.

Total Home Score also returns up to three explanatory factors that had the greatest impact on "why" each score was less than 100.

Total Home Score data is currently available for locations in the greater Chicago metro area and the entirety of Massachusetts, with new geographical locations being added on an ongoing basis. Contact us if you'd like to see a particular city, state or region prioritized for your particular product.

Total Home Score is powered by Liberty Mutual’s enterprise data on auto telematics and map data from OpenStreetMap contributors.


API Documentation

Click any of the items below to see resource URLs, query parameters and responses, code examples, and try them out for yourself.



Total Home Score by Area Search

Request up to 1000 Total Home Score results per query in a bounding-box search area


Total Home Score by Address or Latitude and Longitude

Request Total Home Score results for a US address or latitude/longitude. There are 3 valid sets of parameters for this endpoint: Pass the whole address as one string {address}; break the address up into at least the components {street-name, city, state}; or pass the location of the place as latitude/longitude coordinates {lat, lon}.


Total Home Score by Bulk Search

Generate a bulk search query for up to 50000 Total Home Score results per query.


Total Home Score by Bulk Search ID{bulk-search-id}

Retrieve bulk search query results for a pre-generated bulk search query.