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Available Shine APIs

Request parking meter data by latitude and longitude. Required parameters are latitude and longitude, with optional parameters for maximum distance of parking meters from location, and maximum number of results per location. Requests return state, city, meter ID, area, time limits, hours of operation, parking exceptions, peak time, and the longitude/latitude coordinates.

Buying or renting a new home is a high-stakes decision. Empower your users to avoid livability surprises like noise disturbances, aggressive traffic, or a lack of errand or entertainment options with Total Home Score's address-level livability estimates.

Total Home Score livability scores include:

  • Quiet Score (the extent to which a home will feel quiet and peaceful)
  • Road Safety Score (overall feeling of safety for nearby roads)
  • Errand Score (proximity to errand locations like grocery stores, gas stations and dry cleaners)
  • Entertainment Score (proximity to entertainment options like restaurants/bars and movie theaters)
  • Traffic Score (estimates traffic congestion around a home during rush hour)

Scores start at 100 where no livability impacts are anticipated, with points deducted based upon up to three explanatory factors (also provided in payload).

Currently available for locations in the greater Chicago metro area and the entirety of Massachusetts, with new locations being added on an ongoing basis. Total Home Score is powered by Liberty Mutual's enterprise data on auto telematics and map data from OpenStreetMap contributors.

A robust data set of descriptive information for vehicles from 2010-2017, including more than 100 data fields on different vehicle makes and models. Fields include transmission, engine displacement, drive system, and more.

Request the top 10 most stolen vehicles for the year 2014, filtered by state (required) and ranking (optional).