Parking Rules

Help your users find the answer to one of life's nagging questions: Where can they park? Our Parking Rules API provides a robust, versatile data set of parking meter locations useful in a number of consumer or enterprise settings. Drill down even further with parameters for the maximum distance of meters from a specified location, or the maximum number of results for a location.

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API Details

Parking meter locations are specified by latitude and longitude. Additional parameters include:

  • Maximum distance of meters from a specified location
  • Maximum number of results for a location

Requests return the following:

  • State
  • City
  • Meter ID
  • Area
  • Time limits
  • Hours of operation
  • Parking exceptions
  • Peak time


API Documentation

Click any of the items below to see resource URLs, query parameters and responses, code examples, and try them out for yourself.



Parking Meter Rules by Latitude and Longitude

Request parking meter data by latitude and longitude, filtered by maximum distance from specified location and maximum number of results to return.